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  • 正确使用无油真空泵的方法
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The method of using oil-free vacuum pump correctly


(1) clean place without dust and dirt.


(2) adequate ventilation condition and environmental temperature below 40 degrees centigrade.



(3) not directly exposed to the sun.


(4) no water, oil and other liquids fell to the pump.


(5) the pump must be installed on a flat plane.


(6) sufficient space to facilitate inspection, maintenance and disassembly of pumps.


(7) must ensure that the pump does not cause vibration due to the foundation is not strong.


(8) pay attention to the specified wiring requirements on the motor nameplate when wiring. Three phase electric pump should pay attention to the direction of motor rotation should be consistent with the direction of the arrow on the pump arrow.


(9) it is better to install the pump on a rigid foundation similar to the concrete. If there is no condition, the pump can be firmly mounted on the steel or wooden frame.


(10) the pipe connecting with the pump should not be too long and smaller than the diameter of the pump, affecting the pumping speed, and the same attention is paid to check whether the vacuum connection pipeline leaks.