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  • 漩涡气泵用于纺织行业工作原理
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The pump is used in the textile industry, yashiba Motor Co. Ltd. has special high-pressure blower air volume, the textile industry, several processing and processing steps than ordinary high pressure blower fan, so for the working principle of the textile machinery is what kind of?



1, the working principle; the textile machinery uses the negative pressure generated by the high-pressure vortex air pump to separate the textile products produced by the textile equipment from the moisture, which is also a commonly used dehydration way on the textile machinery and equipment. At the same time, we can also use the suction of the fan to improve the quality and quality of the products, and improve the work efficiency. It can also quickly and cleanly adsorb tiny dust and beads. In general, the choice of waterproofing and lengthening type of air pump machine, also depending on the situation, the fan power depending on the specific use of the situation.


2, work characteristics; high-pressure vortex fan with high inclined blade design, smaller volume, lighter weight and higher pressure; with two-way suction function, can be used for suction, can also be used for blowing fan, belongs to the internal operation without oil, so the output of the gas is clean, do not worry about the high pressure air air pollution to the textile; fan with Shockproof foot seat installation, operation of the machine vibration degree reaches the minimum, very convenient, also very save installation cost and installation period.