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  • 选择有毒有害气体检测仪时的误区值得一看
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在我国 ,由于历史和认识上的原因 ,我们在选用各类检测仪时存在的问题还比较多 ,具体体现在 :

In our country, because of the historical and cognitive reasons, there are many problems in the selection of various kinds of detection instruments, which are embodied in the following:

a. 对可燃气体的检测重于对有毒气体的检测。

The detection of combustible gases by A. is more than the detection of toxic gases.

b. 对可能引起急性中毒气体的检测重于对可能引起慢性中毒的气体的检测。

The detection of the possible causes of acute poisoning by B. is more than the detection of gases that may cause chronic poisoning.

由于众多可燃气体泄漏所引起的爆炸事故的血的教训 ,使人们对于可燃气体检测十分重视 ,可以讲 ,任何一个炼油厂、化工厂 ,大多数的危险场合选用的气体检测仪都是可燃气体检测仪。但仅配备燃气体检测仪对于真正保护工人的安全和健康还是远远不够的。不可否认的是 ,大多数的挥发性危险气体都是易燃易爆气体 ,但是 ,催化燃烧式的易可燃气体检测仪(LEL) 并不是对所有的可燃气体的检测都是比较佳选择 ,因为它们可以检测出的除甲烷以外的可燃气体的下限浓度要远远高于它们的允许浓度。

Because of the lessons learned from the explosion accidents caused by many flammable gas leaks, people pay much attention to the detection of flammable gases. It can be said that any gas detector used in most oil refineries and chemical plants is a combustible gas detector. But the only gas detector is not enough to protect the safety and health of the workers.  It is undeniable that the most volatile hazardous gas is flammable and explosive gas, but the easy combustible gas catalytic combustion detector (LEL) and not all of the combustible gas detection is the best choice, because they can detect the methane removal outside the combustible gas concentration is much higher than the lower limit allow their concentration.

比如 :对于苯、氨气等危险有毒气体 ,单纯使用易燃易爆气体检测仪就是一个十分危险的做法。比如 ,苯的爆炸下限是 1. 2 % ,它在可燃气体检测仪上的校正系数是 2. 51 ,也就是说 ,苯在一个用甲烷标定的可燃气体检测仪上的显示的浓度只是其实际浓度的40 % ! ! 这样 ,用可燃气体检测仪可以检测到的苯的比较低警报浓度是 10 %LEL ,这个浓度同苯的允许浓度相比要高近600倍 ! !。同样 ,用可燃气体检测仪检测氨气的警报浓度也要比其允许浓度高大约1000倍。因此根据所检测气体的不同 ,选择特定有毒气体检测仪要比单纯选择可燃气体检测仪更加安全可靠。

For example, for dangerous toxic gases such as benzene and ammonia, it is a very dangerous practice to simply use flammable and explosive gas detector. For example, the explosion limit of benzene is 1.2%, the correction coefficient in the combustible gas detector on the 2.51, that is to say, the concentration of benzene in a methane calibration combustible gas detection instrument display only the actual concentration of 40%!! so, the lowest concentration of combustible gas detector alarm can be detected the benzene is 10%LEL, the concentration of benzene with the allowable concentration compared to high of nearly 600 times!!. Similarly, the alarm concentration of ammonia gas detected by a combustible gas detector is about 1000 times higher than its permitted concentration.  Therefore, according to the difference of the detected gas, the selection of specific toxic gas detector is more safe and reliable than the simple choice of the combustible gas detector.

另外 ,目前我们对于可以引起急性中毒的气体 ,比如硫化氢、氰氢酸等的检测较为重视 ,但对于可以引起慢性中毒的气体 ,比如芳香烃、醇类等的检测重视不够 ,其实后者对于工人健康和安全的危害丝毫不逊于可以引起急性中毒的气体 ! 这除了认识上的原因以外 ,以前的市场上缺乏可以检测较低浓度的气体检测仪也是一个重要的原因。 随着科学技术水平的发展和人们健康认识的提高 ,人们已经不满足于“高高兴兴上班来 ,平平安安回家去”,而是追求着更高的生活质量和生活条件。 人们不仅关心着今日的工作 ,更关心着明天——退休以后的生活。因此在工业卫生和工业安全工作中要不断地引入新观念、新思路才能避免日后悲剧的发生。而且避免日后悲剧的发生 ,所有这些 ,都需要通过法规制定和人们素质的提高得到不断地改善和提高。

In addition, we are currently in the gas can cause acute poisoning, such as detection of hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide and other more attention, but the gas can cause chronic poisoning, such as detection of aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, attention is not enough, in fact, the latter for the gas workers' health and safety hazards in no way inferior to can cause acute poisoning in addition to this! Besides understanding the reasons, before the market on the lack of gas can detect low concentration detector is one of the important reasons. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's health awareness, people are no longer satisfied with "go to work happily," but pursue higher quality of life and living conditions. People are not only concerned about today's work, but also about tomorrow - life after retirement. So to continue to introduce new concepts, new ideas in order to avoid the tragedy in the days after the industrial hygiene and industrial safety work. And avoid the occurrence of days after the tragedy, all of these are required by laws and regulations and improve the quality of people has been constantly improving.