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  • 直流无刷风机盘管的安装接线方法解析
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The thermostat liquid crystal panel is a special custom panel, which is provided directly by the fan coil manufacturer, and can not be purchased directly to the market.


The Technology Department of the intelligent technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. shares the installation and wiring method of the DC brushless fan coil.



1, open the coil terminal box. For example, figure 1, with two core cable, one end is connected to the two terminal post of the temperature controller panel. The other end of the cable is connected to the two post post of the Thermostat LCD panel (as shown below 2).



2, open the coil junction box, as in Figure 1, the power line is connected to the two terminals of the "power line" inside the coil box.


3, if you need to connect the solenoid valve, open the coil junction box, as in Figure 1, the two wires of the solenoid valve are connected to the "solenoid valve" of the two terminals in the junction box.


After confirming that the wiring is correct, the power is switched on, and it can run normally. If the wind volume is too large or too small, it needs to be adjusted. It can reset the 3 air volume through the LCD panel of the thermostat.