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  • 关于微型泵的工作原理
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  The micro pump is a gear pump, in particular, a gear pump with acid and wear-resisting function. The driving shaft and the passive shaft are mounted on the shell, the gear is mounted on a section of the active shaft located in the shell, and the gear meshing with the gear is mounted on the passive shaft to form a pair of gear pairs. The material inlet and outlet are arranged on the shell, which is characterized by a ceramic plate arranged on the inner wall of the cavity of the gear pair in the shell.



  The power part of the pump is equipped with the oil-immersed type produced by advanced international technology. The water-immersed stainless steel submersible motor and the water-immersed motor absolutely pollute the water quality. They are the best products of deep well pumps at home and abroad. The new "floating" impeller has no axial force on the motor during the working period.


  Features: Small diameter, large flow rate, high head, suitable for small diameter deep wells, can significantly reduce drilling costs. Smooth appearance, beautiful appearance, high quality, sand resistance and wear resistance, long service life, high pumping efficiency, power saving, easy maintenance.


  The scope of use of micropumps is particularly applicable to industry, mining, agriculture, construction, aquaculture and food.