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  • 国产隔膜泵有哪些优势
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Since the 1990s, with the rapid development of instrument industry in China, the domestic market of micro diaphragm pump has grown rapidly. The flow rate of micro pumps used in instruments and meters is mostly less than tens of liters per minute, and some even as low as tens of milliliters per hour. The micro-diaphragm pump has the advantages of high efficiency, complete isolation of movement mechanism from conveying medium, non-dynamic seal, no leakage, small size, light weight, self-priming ability, no fear of idling, no need of lubrication maintenance and low noise. When it is used as a miniature vacuum pump, it does not need to be pumped. It absorbs water and drains water immediately after starting. It can pump air and water without fear of drying. The advantages of micro-diaphragm pump, especially its non-pollution and self-priming, make it widely used in instrument industry. At present, domestic miniature diaphragm pump develops very fast, and the low-end market is basically occupied by domestic products. There is a certain gap between domestic low-end product quality and imported brands, but this gap is narrowing step by step. There is basically no gap in the performance of general products. Just like Shanghai Co., Ltd., which has excellent quality of high-end micro-diaphragm pump edge-following intelligent technology, some technologies have been ahead of foreign products, and micro-diaphragm liquid pump has optimized the structure design and used high-quality. Long-life components and material mechanics research and breakthrough, performance is in the leading position, life is better than imported brand diaphragm pump, noise and life is also better than imported diaphragm pump. With the technical strength, price and customized service advantages, domestic diaphragm pumps are gradually replacing imported diaphragm pumps and entering the spring of the market.